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How are Tonkis made?

With loving care and no added sugar.

Fair and square

You know when you get a present and you have to look right into the bottom of the box to make sure you got everything out? Well, Tonki just solved that problem: it's all in one piece.

And what a piece!

25cm x 25cm

It's easy to transport (and would look great on a space ship), even huggable. After all... it's hip to be square!

Easy to assemble

You just follow the instructions. It's fun! There's a video that shows you how to do it. I did it all by myself.

Gaia, aged 4.

Direct printing

Your photos, printed directly on cardboard. Result!

Relive your favourite moments.

Yeah right, falling off my skateboard was one of them ;)

Hang it or prop it

Tonkis stand on their own two feet, but you can also hang them on any surface. Tonkis are at home anywhere.

70 grams of pure muscle

You can bend me but never break me!

The icing on the cake

... I'm made of the world's coolest recycled cardboard!

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