Meet Tonki!

The idea for Tonki came about one afternoon in London.

It was 2012 and I decided to make a surprise visit to my girlfriend. Cheap flight + backpack and off I went. I like hitch-hiking so I found a piece of cardboard and wrote "147 Kilburn High Rd" on it.

At long last a lorry driver picked me up.

During the trip I folded up the cardboard and put it in my backpack. I decided I would give it to Alessandra as a souvenir of the adventure. When I got there and gave it to her she stuck a photo of us on it. Not long after, we came up with a name for our invention. The rest, as they say, is history.

Alessandra Renis
Ruggero Frigoli
Andrea Goffi
Graphic Designer
Carlo Bosio
New Business Development
Laura Mortier
Country Manager Francia
Sander Tielen
Country Manager Olanda
Silvia Alinovi
Customer service