Meet Tonki!

The idea for Tonki came about one afternoon in London.

It was 2012 and I decided to make a surprise visit to my girlfriend. Cheap flight + backpack and off I went. I like hitch-hiking so I found a piece of cardboard and wrote "147 Kilburn High Rd" on it.

At long last a lorry driver picked me up.

During the trip I folded up the cardboard and put it in my backpack. I decided I would give it to Alessandra as a souvenir of the adventure. When I got there and gave it to her she stuck a photo of us on it. Not long after, we came up with a name for our invention. The rest, as they say, is history.
Thanks to our Houston friend @ phillip.kremer for these masterpieces.

Alessandra Renis
Co-founder, social and communication
Ruggero Frigoli
Co-founder & CEO
Andrea Goffi
Graphic Designer
Carlo Bosio
New Business Development
Laura Mortier
Country Manager France
Sander Tielen
Country Manager Netherlands
Silvia Alinovi
Customer service