Are Tonki made of recycled cardboard?
We only use recycled cardboard to make Tonki. Because we love recycling.

Are other formats available?
No, for the time being Tonki is only available in one format: 25x25cm (image size 20x20cm).

Is Paypal the only way to pay?
Paypal is a platform that lets you pay with any kind of credit card or prepaid card.

Can i ship my Tonki to more than one address at the same time?
Every shipment has his own address. For shipping Tonki to different addresses you'll have to make different orders.

Is the price shown on the pack?
No, we don't show the price.

Can i order my Tonki and then delete my photo from Instagram?
We take your pics directly from the Instagram server. If you remove them immediately, we could not to find the files, so we suggest you to leave them available until you receive your Tonki home.

Will I receive an email confirming my order?
Yes. You'll get an email when you pay and another one when your Tonki is dispatched. These emails might end up in your spam folder so check there. If you haven't received any emails please write to us.

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we do!

Can I receive my Tonki already assembled?
Only for orders of 50 and over. Please request the service when you pay. 

Can I have an invoice?
Of course, mark off the invoice box before your order.