Fill in the form to contact us. If it's a fairly simple question take a look at our FAQs, your answer might be right there. A while back we decided we would only reply to polite emails. A "hi" and a "thank you" guarantees you a rapid, kind reply.

Can't be bothered writing? Give us a call!
English or Italian speakers should call: +39 0308084329.
Dutch speakers should get in touch with Sander: +31 645082219.
Canadian should reach Robert: 1.450.667.0050.
American should contact Michael: 1.917.310.3605.
If you're wondering why we only take calls in "office hours"? Well, we're a small group of young guys trying to do big things. We believe in the values we've built around Tonki and we want to make time for the things we love doing: travelling, taking photos and going out with friends. You should come and hang out with us!